Junior Development (year 'round program)


Tue/Thur  4:00-5:30 pm

Tue/Thur  5:30-7:00 pm

16u (age 11-16)

Mon/Wed  4:00-5:30 pm

Mon/Wed  5:30-7:00 pm

* Base rate of $15 per hr.

* Juniors are grouped according to skill level with consideration to age.

* Clinic size is limited to ensure proper student/teacher ratio. New clinic days and times will be created as we continue to grow our program.
* Advance notice must be given for organizational purposes.

* Rain-outs will be carried over into future sessions.

10u Instruction

10U tennis emphasizes fun, fitness and friends. We run around a lot, develop hand eye coordination and generally have a blast. Stroking patterns are emphasized and we get our kids playing tennis asap.

10U tennis is played with smaller racquets (23" thru 25" lengths) and low compression balls suited for your child's age/ability. The tennis court is smaller too, designed just for kids.  As youngsters spend more time on court and age up, specific tennis skills come easily and rapidly. Come check us out and join the party! 

11-18 Instruction

Beginner Juniors are new to the game or have minimal experience. Clinics teach proper grips and stroking patterns. We play developmental games which create an active and exciting environment. 

Advanced Beginner Juniors have had instruction although minimal. Clinics combine fast moving drills with an emphasis on proper technique. We continue to play developmental games and match play becomes more of a priority. 

Intermediate Juniors have played matches (high school/middle school/USTA) or are delving into individual tournament play. Students can serve and rally with some consistency as they develop an all-court game. Clinics feature increased intensity. Faster paced drills and development of more aggressive play are incorporated while maintaining high percentage tennis. Singles and doubles strategies are emphasized as we focus more time on match play/point play.

Advanced Accomplished high school players and junior tournament players. Serving becomes an advantage and players have burgeoning "weapons" based on a solid foundation of consistency. Clinics fine tune technique as we further develop consistent power and accuracy. Singles strategies are tailored to the specific junior with high percentage tennis established.

USTA Junior Team Tennis 

Summer junior team tennis (jtt) is a great way to introduce juniors to competition in a fun first, team format. In order to play jtt we expect our juniors to serve with consistency and somewhat be able to keep the ball in play. They must be able to keep score and change sides without assistance. Basic knowledge of doubles is expected as well. Please plan ahead with an instructional program this spring. If you would like your child to participate in jtt this summer, contact us now as teams are being formed in various age/skill divisions.

2019 dates and deadlines for reference

May 12                Teams registered on tennislink by clubaregistered on tennislink by club

May 17                Players registered on tennislink by captain/coach

May 19                Schedule released and parent release forms due

May 28/29/30  Play begins for non-advancing

June 22              Summer bash (games,prizes, food and fun) 6:00-8:30

                            UT tennis complex

July 25/26         Last week of play for non-advancing


Coming soon ...  Junior Team Tennis