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Junior Development (year 'round program)
Autumn/Winter schedule, 2021/2022




     June 5-July week of July 4th

     *Beginner 12u-10u  

     Tue/Wed  9:00-10:30 am

     *Adv beginner/intermediate  14u-12u  

     Mon /Thu    9:00-10:30 am 

     *Intermediate/Advanced  (18u) 

     Mon/Wed    10:30-12:30

- Base rate of $20 per hr- Juniors are grouped according to skill level with consideration to age.

- Clinic size is limited.

- Registration... please email or text/call 870-351-5333

USTA Junior Team Tennis 

Summer USTA junior team tennis (jtt) is a great way to introduce juniors to competition in a fun first, team format. In order to play jtt we expect our juniors to somewhat be able to serve with consistency and somewhat be able to keep the ball in play. They must be able to keep score and change sides without assistance. Basic knowledge of doubles is expected as well. 

June/July match days, ages and times (season runs June 7 thru July 26, off the week of July 4th)

Wed 12b, 12:30 pm start.

          14c, 2:00 pm start.

 Thu  18a, 2:00 pm start.


Coming soon ...  Junior Team Tennis

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